Why you should start powerlifting today!

Have you been thinking about starting powerlifting? Maybe you’ve read an article about it online or have a friend who’s just started and won’t shut up about it? My name is Leo and this is my article about why you should start powerlifting.

I started powerlifting just over a year ago and since then have made the transition from gym personal trainer to assistant powerlifting coach at City Strength HQ. I was kind of on the fence about starting Powerlifting, not because I had doubts about whether or not I would like it but because I wasn’t sure where to start. I had been training in gyms for 10 years doing the typical bodybuilding thing and dabbling in other methods of training but never following through 100% with any of them. I remember thinking “damn this is so easy, the weight is so light how am I going to get strong” I later found out the reason I wasn’t making any progress or being successful with my own training was in fact because I was going too hard. Lucky for me my little sister had started powerlifting and wouldn’t shut up about it so I linked up with her coach and got my first program. Once I had a program with set weights to lift and stopped maxing out every session like I did previously I actually made some good progress and above all started having fun with my training.

Here are some of my favourite things about powerlifting and why I think you should give it a go;

1.     it's all about the journey. Training for powerlifting is training to develop your skills in the squat, bench and deadlift as well as their accessory exercises used to supplement the development of the primary skills. This makes training for powerlifting quite simple in purpose yet complex in form and is a never ending quest for perfection of technique as every weight increase demands a more skillful display of balance, mobility, and power.

2.     Although powerlifting is a solo sport, it's really a family affair. Looking back on my short time in this community, it is the people and experiences that have brought me most joy and gratitude for this sport. Nothing beats the high fives and back slaps from your fellow lifters when you burst a personal best PB or the sense of pride of watching a mate beat their PB.

3.     It's an art form. A typical day in the gym for a powerlifter starts with rolling around on the foam roller warming up for the impending lifts. Warming up on your primary lift is an art in feeling out any niggles or tightness, checking in with your coach for any technique adjustments before getting back under the bar. As the weight stacks on the focus dials in for the first work set. After your primary lifts, it's onto accessories to iron out any weaknesses in aspects of the primary movements or to groove the technique on lighter loads of the main lifts, it all depends on you and the coaches are there to help along the way, so ask them. Finishing the session with some specific abdominal work then a cooldown

4.      it's accessible to all. Powerlifting can be done by anyone…..

I trained in commercial gyms doing programs from bodybuilding magazines, trashing my body with no guidance or objective goals to work toward for 10 years. It is pretty lonely in a gym with 10,000 members, and powerlifting gave me common ground among those training in the gym and was easy to start up a conversation and meet new people. If you’re still undecided about whether or not powerlifting is for you?

All I can say is powerlifting is for everyone, the lightest bar is a PVC pipe and there is no limit to the weight you can add. Give it a go today and contact us at City Strength HQ to find out more! Our next 12 week beginner program starts on the 10th of May!