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Squat & Deadlift Workshop with Liz Craven

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In this 1-day workshop, Liz will speak to you about what it takes both in lifting and the mental training it took to go from amateur to become one of the best in the World. Liz was not a ‘natural’, she had to learn things the hard way and she made plenty of mistakes in the process. Learn how she took the mistakes and turned them into the cues that changed her lifts and life. Whether you just want to get strong in the gym or compete at the highest level, this workshop will help you.

Liz Craven has been Australia’s best raw powerlifter for the last 6 years running. She has won Nationals overall 5x, 3x Commonwealth Champion, 3x Oceania. She is the only Aussie raw powerlifter to win an open medal at Worlds in recent years (bronze ’16, silver ’17) and has broken the squat, total and deadlift world records multiple times.

Liz started her career as a coach 12 years ago, she went from being a general PT to Crossfit (Liz made regionals in 2010). In Crossfit she found a love for training hard. She started her lifting career after having her daughter Abigail at 37 years old. She had a massive diastasis where she was told by her doctor she would never be able to lift heavy. Anyone who knows Liz knows she doesn’t like being told she can’t do anything so slowly, but surely, surrounded by great people, she learned how to be strong again. Now she can teach you.

She now is at the top of her sport worldwide. Liz runs a successful coaching business and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to get strong.

Workshop content:


  • Bio
  • Liz's story
  • how did she find powerlifting
  • first experiences and competitions

Before the main lifts

  • Warmups –why, what to warm up
  • Bracing –how it feels, what it does, how important is it- belly breathing, transverse abdominals
  • Hip hinge

"Cues that changed her life”

  • What are cues
  • Good vs bad cues
  • How to find the cues that "click" with you or your lifter

Squat Cues

  • Setup
  • Walkout
  • Hinge/tilt
  • Balance and Rhythm

Deadlift Cues

  • Start position
  • Pull/push

Practical for both Squat and Deadlift

Lunch Break: 1:30pm - 2:15pm

The Mental Game

  • Being out of your comfort zone- travel/competition/weight cuts
  • Things that help
  • Things that hinder
  • Females vs male
  • Why do we do it?


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